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The Dog (poo) Days Are Over!

I can't tell you the overwhelming excitement I have when
I come to the realization that my dog-poo shoveling days have come to a close once Brian is home... 

Even Lilah is disgusted!


And so we have gladly passed the shovel...

*I should state that this is not the sole reason for the excitement I feel
when I think about having my husband home, 
but it's definitely right up there on the list!

(And the list is a long one!)


  1. Don't you just LOVE the baby Bjorne??

  2. Dying laughing at the "WINNING". :)

    You must have tiger blood in your veins...

  3. Love my Bjorn now that L is a little bigger. Before that, the Sleepy Wrap was my go to carrier/sling...

    And yes Shal, tiger blood and Adonis DNA all the way!!!


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