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The Spin Cycle Saga

This past weekend, Lovely Lilah and I visited the local laundromat for a coin-operated outing...
(No thanks to my washing machine's sudden lack of spin)

While the clothes were sudsin' and spinin'
Lilah and I walked over to a nearby park to play around on the jungle gym...

She was a little unsure about all the swinging and sliding 
I was not prepared for the sun-in-the-eyes aspect 
(new Mom faux-paux) 
but she didn't fuss about it once!

Back at the laundromat, I made the executive decision to take the wet clothes 
(fully drained and spun) 
back home to dry after I overheard a conversation between two ladies 
regarding a "blood check" on the sheets they had just pulled out of a nearby machine?!

Gotta love the laundromat?!

Lilah sure did...


  1. Welcome to the story of my life every Monday! Except I have no option but to deal with the blood check on my sheets!

  2. Your washer isn't working and my dryer has a butt load of gum in it. Life is great ain't it?


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