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Traveling Circus

This is Lovely Lilah looking confused,
immediately following the canine-chaos that was Big Otis diving over the backseat of the Tahoe
while Papa was doing 80 mph on the interstate somewhere in Nevada last Friday night...

This is the photo that Mama and Papa thought was funny to capture (while Papa was still doing 80 mph somewhere on the interstate) after the first jump Big Otis made...

This is the photo of the first stop Papa immediately made to move Big Otis back to the back of the Tahoe...

After the seventh jump, third gas-station stop, fourth highway pull-over and second Tahoe
humor and photo ops went out the window!

Our attempt to make a 9 hour drive as easy as possible by doing most of the driving at night
 while Little Lilah was sound asleep, turned into a 12 hour doggie-debacle!

Luckily the clown, the lion, the ringmaster's assistant, the trapeze artist and the bearded lady made it!


  1. ha...Otis was more difficult on the long drive than Lilah!

  2. That is a pretty funny story!!! love it! I used to live in Utah and make the drive to Cali about 4 times, sometimes more, a year. I know how awful it can be!

  3. Randi - Imagine that right?!

    Whit - that drive used to be killer when it was just me and the hubs! Lot's of long talks and random stops at kooky NV towns. Now, not so much. Where were you in UT?


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