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Fashion Friday: Roadtrippin'

(Top: Forever 21, Leggings: Gap, Tank & Fedora: Target, Sunglasses: H&M)

Here is the outfit I wore to take on our LONG drive to CA...

It was functional (lightweight dolman sweater allowed for discreet breastfeeding stops), 
comfy (leggings are always easy and layers help with changing climates)
 and concealing (sunglasses are a must for tired eyes and a fedora is a chic way to hide dirty hair... 
if celebs can do it why can't I?!).

I always feel better when I can arrive at my destination feeling somewhat put together.

(And who am I kidding, I'm vain and love looking HOT at gas station pit-stops - LOL!)


  1. What comfortable looking chic outfit! Love the stripes and your hat!


  2. Thanks Rebecca - I finally found a fedora that fits my little head - ha ha!


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