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Saturday Morning Sioux Chef

Some Saturday mornings, Lovely Lilah dons her chef hat 
to lend her Papa a helping hand in the kitchen...

Sometimes working in the kitchen can be quite hazardous...
(we will go ahead and ignore the proximity of my child to the plethora of sharp kitchen knives directly to her left)

Luckily Papa is an excellent "Executive Chef" and can resolve any upsets with a simple spoon swap!

Brunch is served!

(And the all-you-can-eat "booby buffet"is fully stocked and open for business!) 


  1. That's so great the you are nursing Lilah. She will be so much healthier for it. Plus if you have a husband like mine they LOVE the lactating breast. (:

  2. Oh my goodness- this is soooo cute! What a fun little Lilah! And what a fun husband. Love this


  3. Hahaha - this has totally made my day. Love her chef hat and cute face... so much fun cooking with daddy! :)

  4. It was pretty adorable and I will totally admit that her "chef hat" is just a cloth diaper (we use them for spit-up rags) rolled up and rigged with velcro!


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