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Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

Threads Three Ways:

"The Classic Trench"

Trenchcoat: Old Navy

The Classic Trench is a must!  

Here I show you how I to take it from dressy to *ultra-casual.
Honestly, a great trench can be belted and thrown on over anything and instantly make you look polished!

Example: I wear it over my yoga pants and a cute sweatshirt to and from Yoga class to feel a little more chic!

I didn't belt here, but make sure when or if you do, not to button first!
Just tie and go for an updated take...

Here is a great post from Ain't No Mom Jeans to guide you:

Spring Momiform Inspiration: Two Takes on the Trench

*Disclaimer for recommending the "trench over sweats" look - it may lead you to be falsely accused of shoplifting if paired with really ratty sweats, a giant Timi & Leslie Charlie II diaper bag and nary a trace of make-up?!

Consider yourself forewarned!

(True Story!  Humorous now!  At the time, not so much!)

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