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Chicken Sit

That's no typo...

This past weekend
our cute neighbors The Daley's 
needed someone to chicken sit for them for a few days 
while they enjoyed a quick Spring Break get away...

Of course we volunteered!

All weekend we had free-range, Daley-raised chicken eggs!


Papa has caught the chicken-fever and that can mean only one thing...

The Garlick Homestead will soon be expanding 
with the addition of our very own chicken coop and three little chickadees!
(Mama must be in some sort of "fever" induced delirium too?!)


  1. We have had our chickens for three years and LOVE THEM. They are the best pet. Good choice.

  2. Hope they are pretty low maintenance?! And that Otis and Malcom don't kill a chicken 'cause that would be traumatizing!!!

  3. Tys. They are the most low maintenance animal you can own. Just DON'T get a rooster. They are cheap to feed and we get a dozen eggs a week. Not the most cuddly animals but it teaches our kids responsibility. They've been great. We're also getting more for Easter. (:

  4. We used to have one growing up..soo nice to have fresh organic eggs! Adorable pictures by the way!


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