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"Gettin' Hot In The (Hot Pink) Hot Tub"

It was a (semi) sad day when we returned from our trip (to VT)

to find that Lovely Lilah had outgrown taking her tubs in the 

bathroom sink!

After a few tears (mine, not hers) Aunt Devon and I got to work 

setting up her pink tub over the kitchen sink


got right down to the dirty business of bath time...

Undressing on the kitchen counter next to the flour and sugar...

(Side note: Lilah told me to tell Papa that new kitchen counters would really make her bath time experience a lot more enjoyable - just the messenger)

A little pre-bath playtime!

(And yes, if you didn't pick up on the Eddie Murphy as James Brown "Celebrity Hot Tub Party" reference when you read the title of this post, my uncanny and spot-on impression came at you completely out of left field eh?)

Not quite sure about this new set-up...

Then Aunt Devon got creative with a mirror so she could see herself like in the bathroom...

And that's when Lilah decided to turn on the "jets"!

Party's over - until tomorrow night...

Hope your weekend is "hot tub party" worthy!

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