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Friday Fashion: Threads Three Ways

Starting this March...

Lovely Lilah's Mama is going to try to do a "Friday Fashion" post
(per a request - and I'm already a day behind getting this out)

in addition to a Lilah post,

showing three ways to wear one item of clothing from her closet!

It's sort of like playing dress-up and shopping your own closet all in one?!
(I know Lovely Lilah's Papa sure hopes it results in more of the latter)

This weeks "Threads Three Ways" feature: 
The Plaid Button Down 

Plaid Button Down: American Eagle

I love a good plaid shirt! 
(and am pretty stoked that I can finally fit my post-baby flubby belly in this one again)

You can find these pretty much anywhere - and the bonus right now for me
is the "nursing friendly" aspect! 
 Pop a button (or a snap in the case of this shirt)
 and presto...
"booby juice" can freely flow! 

Hope you find some inspiration (whether your nursing or not)!

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