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Newborn's in November

I thought I would start out this blog with a few newborn photo's that we took of "Lovely Lilah"...  

Yes, Brian hauled Lilah's vintage rocker out into the woods behind the house (because he loves me and indulges my ridiculous requests - what an AMAZING husband)!  And yes, I took my 10 day old newborn out into the brisk Fall air for a creative photo shoot for my own selfish reasons!  

Our little picture adventure involved: nursing in the Tahoe with the heat on HIGH while a random hippy couple we met in the woods lingered, a lot of pre-staging (all while trying not to bust my stitches) so we could keep a naked baby wrapped in a blanket until the last minute before we started snapping shots, a bout of guilty crying when I realized the ruffle-butt bottoms had rubbed against her cord and bled a little (again, Brian was the best and reassured me that I was NOT the worst mom in the world) and trying to stuff my daughter between two tree branches (fail).

Definitely not the easiest, but totally worth it in the end! 

It had to be...

'Cause we're Garlick's and that's how we roll!


  1. Oh Tysie you are the best mommy ever!!! I love this blog! Don't worry I totally understand the disclaimer you put on and will completely understand since mine has not been updated since last July! lol The pics of Lilah are so precious!

  2. So happy you started this (and got the Brian permission haha!) so we can keep up on all the photos and happenings. These ones look particularly gorgeous, love every bit of them!


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