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"Lovely Lilah" Livin' Large Long-Distance

With a Daddy in the desert, "Triple G" representing the West Siiide, "Double G to the T" holding down the East Siiide (insert gang sign hand-flash here) and aunts, uncles and cousins caught up somewhere in between, I figured a blog would be the easiest way to unite everyone.  

(Not that there is a turf war going down between the families or anything - it makes a funny visual though - red and blue bandanas, some tats and gold teeth... ?)  

I digress...

The point of this blog is to bring a little "Lilah A Day" into your lives.  To give each of you a chance to watch her grow and change ('cause it's happening every day) and she is AMAZING!!!

And if an apple a day can keep the doctors away - a Lilah smile a day can surely keep the blues away!


*This is where I insert my disclaimer:  
The title of this blog implies that there will be an update EVERY SINGLE DAY!  While I will try my hardest to keep up with that statement, I make no promises or commitments, am not contractually obligated nor guilt bound - so don't even try it. 

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