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Thursday Threads: Three Ways

Fisherman Sweater.

To be honest, this one is kind of tough.
It's tough because finding a sweater that doesn't add an extra 15 pounds
and turn you into the "stay puff marshmallow man"
takes some work.

Work because you have to try on a million different sweaters.
(all the while keeping calm about that "faux-15" that keeps showing up in each new dressing room)

The key is, as always, proportion and fit.

The magic happens when the right material is melded with the right proportion and fit!

Not that my sweater/looks are magic by any means.
When in doubt - accessorize...

...hence the 170 lb. dog to play down any "faux-15" fears!


  1. You are SO pretty! And you did a perfect job at styling this sweater. You do not look like you have an added 15 ;)
    All three of these looks are fantastic

  2. Thanks ladies - you guys are too sweet! You're comments always make my day :)

  3. you look amazing! i love all three of these looks!

  4. No bulk here! Love the second outfit with the moto momma!!


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