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A Garlick Family Christmas Tradition

We have a full weekend ahead...

Christmas parties with good friends,
Great-Grandmother visits,
home-baked cookies to deliver,
glowing lights to view,
"Luke II" to watch,
and a few more gifts to wrap and get under the tree

...not to mention Sunday!

But we wanted to share one of our annual Garlick Family Christmas Traditions with you:
(two years and running now - once the "we" became "three")

And here is our 2010 "Rockin' Around Lilah's Christmas Tree" video in case you missed it last year:
(it's a neck turner - haha)

Hope you and yours have a "rockin' Christmas
surrounded by the ones you love!

*Maybe in the New Year I'll figure out a better way to post quality videos. 
 FB hit me with a copyright infringement on this years video - any suggestions?!

1 comment:

  1. I got gypped!! I couldn't watch this years rockin round the Christmas Tree Video. It's ok though I still LOL at last years!!


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