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Lilah Belle's 1st Birthday Bash: Part III

The Fun...

To recap...
Papa Bear and I felt that Little Lilah is already incredibly blessed 
and opted to forgo gifts; instead asking everyone to bring a small "something" to contribute to a time capsule that we will have Lilah Belle open on her 18th birthday.

We were overwhelmed by the thoughtful and creative ideas people came up with.

And just to clarify...
We will NOT be planning all of LB's future parties in this fashion - haha!

As a family, 
we felt a first birthday was an important one 
that we wanted to share with all the people that love Little Lilah. 

(Next year it's a cupcake and a kick in the pants) 

Thank you to 
who celebrated with us!

And a HUGE thank you to Atessa 
for taking such amazing photographs that our family will treasure.


  1. The party looked so fun! Love that pic with her hands up. Great job!

  2. The time capsule is a great idea! Also, do you make all the ruffled pants she wears or do you buy them?

  3. Thanks ladies - it was so much fun! Jennifer, unfortunately I have yet to make any of her ruffled pants (sewing machine on the X-mas wish list). They are all from a brand called Persnickety :)

  4. Tysie... it was wonderful. You really could start up a business for this! Thanks for letting me be a part of it... Lilah is beautiful:)

  5. these photos are so so adorable! looks like a great time.

  6. Love love LOVE these photos! ...thanks!

  7. these are fantastic pictures and what a fabulous birthday! you may not be planning all her future ones in this fashion but my guess is she'll be asking you to help plan because this one is just great!



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