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Thursday Threads: Three Ways

Floral Shorts.

We've been blessed with a few days of 75+ weather this last week.
(Although we did just have snow about a week and a half ago)

When I bought these floral shorts this summer, I selected the dark print
specifically with the thought of being able to transition them into the cooler Fall months,
thus getting more wear out of them.

Here's three examples of how I am managing the schizophrenic weather
with a pair of floral shorts...


Shorts: Target

Here's to Fall Florals!


  1. super cute, i love the look in the last photo.

  2. Thanks girl! Checked out you blog and I LOVE it!

  3. Those shorts look killer with your long the look with the black tights!!

  4. Thanks Randi - funny though, my legs are pretty damn stumpy - haha!


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