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Paper or Plastic?

When Mama forgets to pack a bib
(not expecting to stop for lunch at KFC of all places to have Lilah's first fast-food adventure)
it come down to two choices...

Paper = Napkin
Plastic = To-Go Bag

As you can see we opted for the latter.

Here's to hoping this picture doesn't circulate around the internet
 and get lumped into one of those funny yet simultaneously disturbing photo galleries labeled 
"parenting gone wrong"?

You know, the kind that might prompt someone to call DCFS 
and report that they saw a parent tie a plastic bag around their childs neck?!

Oh, but if you are going to call, 
let's get one thing straight...
make sure the first complaint you register 
is the heart-disease-in-the-making 
associated with an 11 month old chowing on deep-fried chicken and processed potato flakes at KFC!

I feel like I need to wash the grease off my hands just looking at the picture!

Even Lilah looks a little worried about what she consumed?!

And thanks creepy guy eating lunch alone 
for pretending to be oblivious to the crazy camera action going on behind you.

1 comment:

  1. so, my first thought was the plastic bag is such a great bib substitute...then I thought maybe not around the mom's get that not making a mess is more important. Despite the grease, Lilah looks like she is enjoying that chicken!


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