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Where's The Beef?

Easter weekend, 
The Garlick's attended their first brunch 
as a family of three...

This was also Lilah's inaugural debut at a restaurant!

Yes, I am that mom that keeps her newborn at home on lock-down for the first few months.  
We may very well have missed out on some "sleepy baby dinner dates".  
Instead we chose to forgo any "sicky-baby pediatrician rates".

There was minimal spoon-smacking... 

A little self-gagging...



Yes, Lilah's first experience with solids was to gum a juicy piece of locally grown,
organic beef 
shared off Papa's plate.

Lilah LOVED it
Mama and Papa LOVED that it gave us the freedom to enjoy more of this...

Thank you B.L.W. 
we "heart" you!


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time and enjoyed their steak! I miss the days when we could go out for dinner...not with my two boys!

  2. She did great! I am sure I'll be in the same boat as you in a few years :\


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