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Guest Post: Hollie

So since Blogger decided to go down at the end of last week, I am continuing with my last few guest posts...

Hollie is a friend I met in my twenties, when life was more "carefree" (which is a nice way of saying irresponsible.)  She has always been one of those women that other women (and men) want to be around.  Her ability to walk into a room and transform any dull situation instantly into a fun one, is such a rare and enviable quality.  It is that same attitude that carries over into motherhood for her 
and her darling girls are lucky to share in it:

  • I like to think most couples plan far in advance once they’ve decided to have children. Some people, including a few of my closest friends and family members, spend years and big money doing everything possible to increase their chances of becoming parents.  My own story, on the other hand, is quite the opposite!  Despite not one, but TWO back-to-back unplanned pregnancies, the love I have for my two beautiful daughters (only 14 months apart in age) still amazes me every single day.

  • Tysie Nicole (named after a brilliant, beautiful, creative, one-of-a-kind old bar tending buddy of mine) and Kenzlie Jean (named using a collage of favorite friends & family names), are currently 1 and 2 years old. Each day they take my breath away. They are the greatest gifts from above and have changed my world forever for the better. Being their mother is indescribable, even if it was not exactly what I had planned.

  • In 2008, life was crazy!  Not just the normal day-to-day crazy.  I’m talking over the top down right hectic! I was nearing the end of my senior year at California State University Fresno, planning my dream wedding to my very own prince charming and facing 2 possible promotions at my 40+ hour per week place of employment. Somehow, in all that madness I managed to schedule an appointment to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Looking back now, it seems ironic that they are called wisdom teeth, since the week of the appointment I managed to miss the fact that my birth control prescription was up.  Need I say more? 38 weeks later, post college graduation, a sober honeymoon spent 3 1/2 months pregnant and two promotions, I was granted the ultimate promotion... to "motherhood". Fast forward to Tysie's 5 month "birthday" and the gift was a second set of positive pregnancy tests which led to the birth of her sweet sister, Kenzlie Jean. 

  • Life with a full time job (which luckily, I love), a hard working hubby and these two beautiful babies so close in age, is wildly whimsical and also momentarily madness at times!  Here's how I keep it all in perspective... 

  • These are a few of MOM’S favorite things:

  • (name that tune)

  • Hand prints on windows and toys in the kitchen 

  • Lost a left sock now she's lost her left mitten

  • Stinky diaper genies all tied up with strings

  • These are a few of MOMS favorite things

  • Fresh breast milk and no spit up on my brand new blouse

  • Now I pay someone to help clean my house

  • Binkies and blankies and no more night screams 

  • These are a few on MOM’S favorite things

  • No stains on white dresses with blue satin sashes 

  • kisses on my chest with her tiny eyelashes

  • Bumbos and Boppees and diaper rash creams

  • These are a few of MOM’S favorite things

  • When the kid bites

  • When pump stings

  • When I'm feeling sad

  • I simply remember MOM’S favorite things...

  • And then I don't feel so bad!

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