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"Udderly" Surprised!

That's how Mama felt when she learned
that I suffer from a milk protein intolerance!
(which was causing some worrisome side-effects to appear in my diapers?!)

And so while Mom continues to be my "Dairy Queen"...
I will go ahead and ask her to remove the following items from her diet:

-sour cream
-ice cream
-ranch dressing
-milk chocolate

Oh and while we're at it, let's 86 all the "cheese and crackers with that whine"...
Wait, the crackers are still a go!
(for now)

Mama says it is a good thing I'm sooo damn cute
otherwise I might end up a victim of "Milk-Shakin' Baby Syndrome"!!!


  1. omigosh... you gotta be kidding!! Is that the same as lactose intolerant?? Alisa suggested checking into goat's milk....??!! Let us know what happens!

  2. Nope not the same as lactose intolerant (that's the sugar in milk). It is actually the casein (protein) so I have to go completely diary free! I do need to look into the Goats Milk thing though 'cause today I dropped a pretty penny at the health food store on butter, cheese, yogurt and other "dairy free" items :/


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