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"Cwy Baby"

Here is something to tide YOU over


We are on OUR layover!!!

Per a request this week


First off, I'm sorry for the neck-craning view...

I have a problem filming videos/taking pictures on my new camera in the wrong direction.

(Brian will tell you - I do it EVERY TIME and then realize after 

the fact and am annoyed when it's sideways!)

Secondly, my deepest apologies for the crazy Muppet's voice!

(It's a pretty good Grover impersonation though don't you think?)

If you could be a fly on the wall in this house, 

you would probably need earplugs 

'cause Mama will pretty much do 


(no matter the embarrassing ridiculousness)

to get that giggle!


  1. We thoroughly enjoyed that! Have a great visit!

  2. Yay..there is nothing like a baby giggle, too cute! Hope your flight was uneventful!:)


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